APITHAN Ministries

APITHAN Ministries stands for Awakening Peace In The Human Animal Naturally; and is a Corporation Sole dedicated to sharing and demonstrating our direct relationship with all of Nature through The Universal Truths found at the core all Faiths.
APITHAN Ministries was founded by Rev MyShell Howler OAC, HM, RScP aka Ahowan ICrow, during the AHOWAN Spiritual Sanctuary’s travel through USA, Canada, Yukon Territory, Costa Rica, India, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.
I witnessed a direct link to how the Human treats all the Animals and
the conditions of our world.
Lucknow Horse
APITHAN Ministries is a non-denominational ministry with a soul message; Compassion with all Animals to heal and bring lasting Peace to the world.
The Animals were here before us; they are our original teachers.

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