Rev MyShell Howler aka Ahowan ICrow

Think about it…….If there are no Animals, we would not be here.
What we do to the Animals, we are doing to ourselves.
What we believe about ourselves, we see in the Animals.
It is ALL connected

Rev Ahowan ICrow OAC, HM, RScP.

I am an Ordained Humane Minister and Animal Chaplain with the Emerson Theological Institute, the carrier of the Community Animal Peace Pipe, and I have 30 years experience rescuing, rehabilitating, and training Animals.

After operating and transforming my own Rescue and boarding facility, I have consulted and transformed two Animal rescue facilities in India.

I have been living ‘on the road’ since Sept 2011 when I gave away everything, sold my Animal Boarding facility and began traveling on the Compassion Ride for Animals.   20150207_023158085_iOS

Author of “ICrow Speaks”, “I AM Animal”, “365 Animal Gratitude”, and a series of talks called “Reflections with Animals.”

Creator of the MayaHara Meditation and Spiritual Boot Camp