Animal Child Ashram


The Loving Child Ashram
Homeless Children and Homeless Animals
Many homeless Children, especially in the cities, live everyday scavenging for food, clean water, and are poorly dressed. I have witnessed the many Children who are taught to fear of the homeless Animals, and are even in competition with them for resources.
The Loving Child Ashram is being built to give homeless Children a place to live, learn and grow in Compassion with the homeless Animals.
 Imagine….homeless Children and homeless Animals learning, living and healing together in a self-sustaining way, complete with solar power and organic gardening.
The funds are needed to begin building the first homeless Children’s living quarters scheduled for 2018.

Loving Child Ashram is entirely funded by donations on a Love offering basis. This means you.


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Land has been donated and ready! through the
in Mapoli, India.  
This partnership is creating
the first Animal Child Ashram.
Join Rev Ahowan and Mr. Lorenzo in Meditating Daily at NOON, wherever YOU are, envisioning the Children and the Animals LIVING together Peacefully……NATURALLY…..
with everything they need. 
EVERYDAY at Noon…Set your Alarm….it only takes a few minutes and it does effect the Whole World.
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Rev MyShell Howler aka Ahowan ICrow

Think about it…….If there are no Animals, What is the reason to live?
What we do to the Animals, we are doing to ourselves.

Rev Ahowan ICrow OAC, HM, RScP.

I am an Ordained Humane Minister and Animal Chaplain with the Emerson Theological Institute, a Religious Science Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living.


Author of “ICrow Speaks”, “I AM Animal”, “365 Animal Gratitude”, and a series of talks called “Reflections with Animals.”






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Please feel free to contact me to schedule a private session, workshop, special ceremony, public speaking, or any questions. There are no set charges; all services are offered on a love offering basis.

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A Monthly Tithe is GREATLY Appreciated and is necessary ………
It takes $500 USD a month to keep Ahowan ICrow on the road and sharing the message.
Ahowan ICrow, and the Loving Child Ashram is supported by you!
I consider all of you family. I am grateful to be your hands and feet on the ground in places many do not get to go; to share and demonstrate Compassion with all Animals.
I give you all a big THANK YOU HUG, a Blessing for your offering.
Apithan Ministries is a corporate sole and your offerings are tax deductible.
All proceeds from books and videos go to the funding of Loving Child Ashram.
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Stay tuned for more: upcoming books, videos, and Animal Spirit Teaching Module.